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Chihuahua Lots of Love is very small.   We care about quality NOT quantity!!!


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We strive for perfection of HEALTH, CONFIRMATION, & TEMPERAMENT in Long Coat & Smooth Coat Chihuahuas!

 Chihuahua Lots of Love-

We are a quality long coat & smooth coat chihuahua breeder. These beautiful dogs are also known as Long haired and short haired chihuahuas. We raise this mighty breed because we LOVE the chihuahua! You will not find very many chihuahua breeders like us. We are very different. We are a VERY small chihuahua breeder. We only take on as much as we can handle. All of our dogs and puppies are home raised and loved! Our adult dogs live inside and outside of our home. Our puppies stay inside our home with lots of love and care. After they have had their first round of shots they get play dates outside. We do try to give our puppies the very best start in life!


*Chihuahua Puppies For Sale- All of our puppies come with strong CHAMPION bloodlines. QUALITY is number one to us. We will never breed a male or female with a bad temperament or with any bad physical traits such as a "deer head". Sometimes you will hear the terms deer head & apple head. An apple head chihuahua is what you want. Deer heads are a product of bad breeding. We breed for what a chihuhaua should be. All of our chihuhaua puppies for sale will either be pet quality or show quality. Some chihuahua breeders will say that all of their puppies are show quality. This is simply not true.


*Our Program*

*For the past 6 years we have mostly been a long haired Chihuahua breeder. We love both the short and long coats but really enjoy the long coats. We have now fallen in love with our new smooth coat male. He will be the sire to most all of our puppies. He has already started to show and is doing great! We are so in love with this little guy. Breeding a short coat male to our long coat females is going to give us both long haired and smooth coat chihuahua puppies for sale. We are so excited for this change in our program!

When Looking for a Chihuahua Breeder

When looking for Long Haired Chihuahua breeders- You want someone who knows about the breed. You also really need to go to their home if you can. You should see how their dogs are kept. You would be shocked to see some of the living conditions that some breeders let their dogs live in.

When looking for Smooth Coat Chihuahua Breeders- Again, the breeder should know their breed & their dogs should be living a happy clean life. The smooth or short haired chihuahuas should have a soft and thick short coat.

Note- Both parents do not have to be short coats or long coats to produce a nice puppy.

Good luck with your search for the best fit for you and your family! If you do decide to purchase a puppy from us, we will be there for you & your new puppy! Because we are very small we do not always have puppies for sale. BUT when we do have chihuahuas for sale, they are very well taken care of & are quaity chihuahuas.

Our Location!

***We are located in beautiful NW Arkansas! We love our Ozark Mountains! We are only about an hour away from both Oklahoma & Missouri! We are about two hours from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are also around two hours from Joplin, Missouri. We prefer to sell our puppies to what we call "local homes". We will fly our puppies within the U.S. but we do prefer to be able to meet the new family. We raise Quality Chihuahuas & Shoe Horses all over NWA. We are a husband & wife team in everything we do. We both believe in Quality not Quantity.